Forklift Hire Queenstown Komani & East London

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Forklift Hire Introduction For Queenstown / Komani.

In the world of material handling you cannot afford downtime.

I fully understand that your time is valuable and the reliability of our equipment is, of the utmost importance. It is my job to help keep your business running smoothly. However if you do not keep your forklift, in a good condition or carry out pre-maintenace on them when required, you will have only yourself to blame. 

We service the following areas around Queenstown, Lady Frere, Cala, Elliot, Ugie, Maclear, Whittle Sea, Cofimvaba, Burgersdorp, Aliwal North.


I am a qualified Mercedes Benz diesel and Forklift Mechanic, I have been in this business since 1988 and thus have gained many years of experience, but I must still tell you that I am open to learn more each and every day as well. I offer a friendly courteous service and the BEST service response in our industry- guaranteed.

Please note: We also hire our forklifts out per hour, but each time you will have to pay extra for delivery and collection of the machine.
All diesel fuel used will be for your account extra, unless agreed upon beforehand.

We also hire the forklift out per day, week and month as well as long term.

We have various size forklifts to offer you, all of them have the diesel engine and some have the catalyst convertor fitted. From 2 ton, 2.5 to 3 ton and even one huge 7 ton forklift as well, not forgetting we can give you the option of duel solid wheels in front for semi off-road applications.

A few of our forklifts have the special sought after FSV 4.7 container masts. which reach up to 4.7m in the air.

A few of the other forklifts have container V 30 masts.

And then one forklift has a V40 mast, reaches up to 4m in height

All the machines have side shift and we have a set of extra length 1.8m forks available as well for special applications. But additional rates will apply for the use of the 1.8m forks.

All our forklifts have the solid rubber tyres fitted, non marking tyres can also be fitted if required if they are not been used.
We have two Sambron tele-handler machines with fork or a bucket scoop option fitted.

The hire rates can vary, due to which machine is required, forks, terrain where it will be operating and wheels and thus either I can tell you on the phone or send you a written quote by email.

Please note: The fuel tank will be full when the machine leaves the workshop and then while you are using the machine all the diesel will be at your expense, when it arrives back at the workshop, the tank will then be re-filled and the amount used will also be charged to you.

A separate letter relating to Driver, Environment and Sabotage Abuse will also have to be signed by the client.

We are responsible for all servicing and general maintenance on the machines, but not abuse. This is for short and long term hire.

Please note: Your driver has to be licensed (trained to operate a forklift).  If not you will hire the forklift at your own risk. You must also insure the forklift while you have it with you.

Please note: No vat will be added to the above prices, we are not vat registered. This is the price that you will pay.
If more than one machine is required, then please let me know?

Sometimes we get requests from clients on short notice, for example to off-load their truck, planning before hand is the best way to do it, even if you send us some photo's of the product that you wish to off-load.

Please take into consideration that if you were to get a machine from Port Elizabeth or East London from somebody else, the high transport expense would have to be noted as well. Thus it will be cheaper and better for you to rather hire a forklift from us here in Queenstown.

Consider this option and my excellent service instead.

We also carry our routine maintenance on forklifts for various clients already, servicing and breakdowns, thus if you have a forklift and you would like us to service it for you, then also please contact us.

We can also re-built your forklift and re-spray it as well, we only use 2K paint.

If you are looking to buy a forklift, then also please contact us.

Forklifts are very expensive machines, they need to be looked after and serviced on time, otherwise they will end up costing you money.

We have seen many times where the client thinks they are saving money by not servicing their forklifts, but when they contact us that their forklift has a problem, it ends up costing them more than if they were to service it on time. The next time you think that you are saving money by not servicing your forklift, just think for a few moments, what in fact pays for the motor vehicle that you drive each was your forklift.

For all enquiries you can contact me at cell 083 703 6430 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. queenstownforklifts@ gmail.comIMG 0500

 Please have a look at our Blog, we have many interesting sections that I am 100% sure that you will find an article or something that will interest you as well.

Thank You

Simon Morris

cell 0837036430