Forklift servicing

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Buying a forklift is the easy part, but maintaining it correctly is the most important thing that you must do.

I see people that own forklifts, all that they do is drive them until something goes wrong with it, they think that it does not need to be serviced. They wear the tyres right down until the tyres start to break up and crack, the tyres even become tapered. Worn out tyres cause the steering rose joints, king pins and centre pivot bushes to wear out quickly.

The person thinks that they are saving money by not replacing the tyres, however when they have to replace the worn out steering rose joints, on a Forklift.

Okay so you have purchased a forklift, if it is new you then have to have it serviced by the dealer where you bought the machine from if you are wanting to keep the warrantee on the machine for whatever period they have given you. After the warrantee period is up, you can then choose to carry on and have the machine serviced by the dealer or you can service it yourself, however another option that you can have here in Queenstown and the smaller surrounding towns is to contact Morris Motors and they can service the forklift for you, special arrangements can be made and Morris Motors will even service your forklift for you after hours, Saturdays and Sundays as well.

And if your forklift breaks down, you have the option of using Qheenstown Fortklift Hire, who are linked to Morris Motors and we can hire you a forklift while your forklift is been repaired.

By using the option of Queenstown Forklift Hire, you will be saving many thousands of rands because then you do not have to worry about the transport of a forklift from East London or Port Elizabeth. And we are here in Queenstown in case you have a problem.

Now if you have purchased a 2nd hand forklift, it is very important for you to make sure that whoever sold the machine to you, that if they had given you a warrantee period, that you abide by their rules, otherwise you will not have any claim against them if the forklift gives you problems during that period.

Once the warrantee period is up, you can then service the forklift by anybody that you wish, however once again, make sure that whoever you get to service your forklift, knows what they are doing and they are qualified to work on a forklift as well.

There are various service intervals that a forklift can fall under, it also depends where the forklift is been used, what working conditions, terrain and what the machine is picking up and putting down, thus it would be unfair for me to state here when your next service on your forklift is due and what type of service is due as well, thus if you are interested in me servicing your forklift, then please contact me on my cell phone at 083 703 6430 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I will then come and have a look at your forklift and we can take things from there.

Forklifts cost many thousands of rands, to repair and replace them takes mega $$$$$ from your pocket, thus please consider Morris Motors to maintain and look after your forklfit for you.