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Tamboekieland Honey

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Yes honey is only manufactured by bees, man cannot make honey

Honey has many qualities, I eat honey everyday, for breakfast in my cereal, in my tea and in the evenings on my ice cream.

We have twenty bee hives, situated around Queenstown, we do not rob the bee hives during winter, we only rob them round about October November, it just depends on the amount of rainfall that we receive for Spring and when the flowers start to bloom.

Some of the hives are situated on The Eerserust Game Farm which is situated on the slopes of Madeira Mountian, this vast piece of land has recently been incorperated into a larger game farm with one neighbour Brian Edwards who has erected game fences around the whole property at his expense, he is now also leasing the land from "us".

We call our honey Tamboekieland Honey, the name Tamboeklieland was named by the early settlers who first came to this area now known as Queenstown.

Some of the bee hives we keep on a friends farm on the other side of Queenstown, the bees forage on Blue Gum Trees, this honey is also very tasty. However it does become thicker more quickly and some people do not like it like this, similar to the term creamed honey, but when the liquid honey turns solid, all that a person has to do is boil the kettle, place the jar of honey in the water and it will soon become thin again.

Then some of the hives are in another area as well, we prefer to keep the hives apart, just in case we get targeted by moth, which can destroy our hives.

Sometimes we also sell the honey in the cone, the honey cone is very sought after by many people. our Muslim clients enjoy the cones honey, because it is also pure.

Thus if you would like to place your order for some honey, we sell it as follows;

Squeeze bottle 500g we sell for R40.00 each

1 litre pour plastic bottle we sell for R105.00 each

2 litre pour bottle we sell for R210.00 each

5 litre pour bottle we sell for R515.00 each

So place your orders by contacting Miche'le at 071 671 2590.

If you buy more than 10 x 500g bottles aroud Queenstown we can deliver to you.

If you live out of Queenstown, then we can post the honey to you but you will have to pay for the postage.