Metal Detecting Treasure

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Some of the items that we have found while out metal detecting on the beaches around East London.

Have you ever asked yourself, how on Earth do people loose items on the beach?

Well this is what basically happens.

1. You go down to the beach for a suntan and swim in the sea, now some people remove their jewellary and wrap it is their towel so that other people cannot see it. Some people place their car keys in the towel as well.

2. When they return from swimming in the sea, the first thing that they do is grab their towel to dry themselves, forgetting that their money, jewellary and car keys were wrapped up in the towel.

3. All these items go flying around into the soft white sand and disappear from sight, this is when people stand and dig around in the sand thinking that they will find their lost items.

4. Sometimes you are lucky, you do find some of your items, however most times you do not.

5. This is when you contact a person like me that has metal detectors and we find your lost items for you, there is a national metal detecting web site that you can also try to contact I am on their national contact list as well. You can contact me at 083 703 6430.

I have been interested in metal detecting for many years, in fact it all started when I was a young boy, my first machine that I had was a C-scope, it had a waterproof coil, it was a fantastic machine, however it did not like been used in the wet sand due to the salt or black mineral content in the sand. With this machine I did find many interesting items, for example rings, bangles, watches, cell phones, car keys, chains, nails, screws, sunglasses and coins (money).

In fact you can find anything that is made from metal, even lead sinkers, gold, silver. The depth that you can find these items also depends on the size of the item and what type of machine you are using.

A few years later, yeah I am now an "old man" I have purchased a few more machines, I find that The Minelab Metal Detector machines work best for me now, I have three machines, these are the various models.

1. Mineab Soverein GT I use this machine mostly inland and not on the beach, it is a wonderful machine, I still recon that it is one of the BEST machines that has ever been made. I use head phones when I use this machine, with the aid of head phones a person saves on batteries, this Minelab Soverein GT has a rechargeable battery, which ast up to nine hours at a time, however I carry a spare battery along with me as well, but believe me that after walking around and digging holes for nine hours you are worn out.

2. Then I have an Excalibur 2, this is one awesome metal detector,the whole machine is completely waterproof up to 200m in the water, however I did once try snorkel with goggles and flippers by myself but found it very difficult, because I am scared of sharks. I use the Excalibur mostly in the shallow water and small waves and then walk along the wet sand.

This machines is excellent, it works for me. I have a friend Dean van der Venter, he also has one of these machines and he also says that it is the best machine that he ahs ever used. have also brought out a new model it is called the Excalibur 2 basically it seems that the coil is different. A new machine like this will now set you back about R26 000.00

 So if you are interested in metal detecting, then contact me and let us chat?

My cel number is 083 703 6430 or send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.