Repairing Trucks and Trailers

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Trucks and trailers are used mostly on public roads (yes some also get used in mining operations, on farms and in other off-road applications), Morris Motors are here in and around Queenstown to look after your trucks and trailers for you. I have a friend that is also a mechanic and if I am not available to attend to your truck or trailer or needs, then I can get my friend to help you as well.

Trucks and trailers are similar to forklifts, they also need to be serviced and maintained as well, this is very important because if you do not look after them, service and maintain them, they will cost you a lot of money.

I have various clients already, that I prepare their trucks and trailers for the yearly COF Test, I then take the vehicle to the test, if it passes I then still give the client a list of items that still might require attention on his or her vehicle, if the vehicle does not pass the COF test, I then inform the client that this or that requries attention for the vehicle to pass the test, most times the client does not bother about an estimate quote, however if the client insists on an estimate quote then I will charge that client an extra R500.00 to wite up and give him or her an estimate quote to repair the vehicle.

It takes time, phone calls, emails and photo's to obtain prices on items that need to be replaced on a vehicle.

Morris Motors offers a breakdown repair service as well, if you as the client cannot wait until the next morning for me to obtain the spares to repair your truck or trailer, then it will be better for you to contact somebody else to carry out your repairs for you on your vehicle.

We do carry the normal spares to repair air leaks, broken pipes and sort out basic electrical problems on a vehicle.

One of my clients Ronnies Motors The Mercedes Benz Dealership in East London use my services, sometimes to just go to their clients truck, have a look and see what the problem is, report it to them, if I cannot repair the problem myself, I then tell them what is required and they then send their mechanic's up with the spares and repair the vehicle, this saves them time, money and gets their clients vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

As you are aware, downtime on any vehicle costs a company a lot of money, this is why I take photo's of what or where the problem is and email them through to the client to see, even sometimes I email photo's of what repairs I have carried out on their vehicle as well, so that they can see what was repaired.

Sometimes when a person (client) phones me to repair their truck or trailer, if there are no parts available, then a plan has to be made, however if a plan has to be made to get the vehicle going again, it will be stated on the job card that the repair to their vehicle was carried out at their RISK.

I am not interested in doing half  jobs.

In my business, I work with TRUST I trust the client will pay me for my excellent services peformed (yes some of my clients insist to give me order numbers afterwards). While working on your vehicle various photo's will be taken of your vehicle and if you do not pay me, then your company details and the photo's will appear on various Face Book pages and other web sites.

We have been ripped off a few times already and so have other mechanical workshops in Queenstown and we spread the word amongst ourselves.

So if you have a problem on your vehicle, of if you require some assistance, you can consider to contact me to possibly repair your truck or trailer, remember if I am not available, I have a back up mechanic friend that might be able to help you as well.

Thus contact me at 083 703 6430 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Simon Morris